The Christmas Safety Card. A friendly reminder from Santa, BMW and AIR to drive safe

The Christmas Safety Card. A friendly reminder from Santa, BMW and AIR to drive safe

Every year, BMW wishes its customers a new year of exhilarating and safe driving pleasure. But this time it is not just a wish. With a special Christmas card, BMW and Air want to ensure there is extra safety on the road.

AIR developed the ‘Christmas Safety Card’ in collaboration with electronics company Selectron. It’s a Christmas card that shouldn’t be put on the mantelpiece but hung in the car. The micro sensor in the card measures driving behaviour and reacts with a spoken message (Ho! Ho! Hooo! just like Santa) when the car is driven unsafely. The sensor measures the G-forces and reacts when the car accelerates too much, or when it brakes or drives too quickly through bends.

This technical prowess took quite some time to organise, and required much testing and reprogramming. The limited edition Christmas card was sent to members of the BMW M LEAGUE who recently bought their car and participated in the BMW Track Days. Drivers who we know want to get the most out of their cars in a responsible manner. We hope our ‘Christmas Safety Card’ will help them drive safely through the winter and beyond.



Client: BMW

Contact: Steven De Deyne, Wim Verbeurgt

Agency: Air Brussels

ECD: Eric Hollander

CD: Steven Janssens

CD: Joeri Van Den Broeck

CD: Dieter De Ridder

Creation: Ruben De Praetere

Creation: Yves Van Hacht

Account Director: Ophélie Van Hagendoren

Connection planner: Max Van Santen

Production Air: Tuyen Pham

Digital Project Manager: Siebe Lefebure

Sound Production Company: Sonicville

Production Company: Eckelwood, Gunter Blokken

Electronics: Selectron, Stefaan Lybaert

Illustrator: Joost Jansen

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