In January 2022, visit.brussels and Air launched a strong statement: January is boring. But Brussels is not.
What does it look like one year on?


With a lack of light, lack of human energy, irritability, lack of productivity... January remains the most depressing month of the year. So, in 2023, visit.brussels and Air are doubling down: January is still as boring. Fortunately though, Brussels is still as cool. Especially in January. Because the city's cultural wealth doesn't drop along with the temperatures.


Because the warm welcome of a true Brusseleir local more than compensates for the cold weather. Because a good waffle or moules-frites tastes just as good (if not better) in winter as it does in summer. And because, in the evening, even when it's very bitterly cold, the people of Brussels are very warm...


As last year, the campaign comprises two films targeted at English, French, Italian and Belgian tourists. Directed by Edouard Valette, the new films remind tourists how boring January is. All with a bit of humor and a touch of typically Belgian irony. After Evelyne and Olivier, visit.brussels and Air present Sacha and Alix, who are also trying to survive the month of January. And to make this depressing month pass more quickly, they have their little tricks. Think creating a cocoon and gradually turning into a larva. Or comforting themselves by ordering as many fries as possible.

But what if there were some more effective tips for January survival? Visit.brussels and Air have a bunch to share with you: unique exhibitions to visit, a magical atmosphere to experience, of all kinds of restaurants to try, wellness areas to relax and enjoy in, countless evenings not to be missed... In short, everything you need to live through January and not just survive it.


While January is a dull month for many tourist destinations, Brussels has adapted over the years and offers a rich array of varied activities. By playing on this concept once again, visit.brussels and Air seize the opportunity for Brussels to position itself as THE destination suitable for the tough early-year period. Because January is likely to always be boring. But Brussels is likely to never be.


So, this year again, say goodbye to the blues and hello to Brussels. And experience January differently.



Client : visit.brussels ​ ​ ​

Contacts : Stefaan Vandenbossche, Catherine Leleu, Annemie Verschueren ​ ​ ​

Agency : Air Brussels ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Creative director : Air creative council

Creation : Arnaud Bailly, Edouard Coune, Anouk Lemm, Marie Paris

Copywriter NL : Pieter Decanniere

Copywriter IT : Entre les lignes

Creative Design director : Christophe Liekens

Illustration : Aurélie Prestigiacomo ​ ​ ​

Motion Designer : Boris Delire, Imad Doughan, Julien Prince

Banners : Cédric Fripiat

Strategy : Michelle Defooz ​

Client manager : Georgia Vandenberghen

Project Manager : Eva Closset

TV prod : Fiona Chevalier

Production : Les Mecs

Producer : Lieselotte Belon, Jesse Vander Meersch

Director : Edouard Valette ​ ​

Media agency : Gamned



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