CBC. The bank determined to move forward. With you.

Almost 10 years after its brand positioning campaign and baseline “Decide to move forward”, CBC Banque & Assurance once again invites Wallonia to keep moving forward.

The new campaign from the Walloon bancassurance company focuses on the region and its many players, who all share a common desire to move forward.

It is true that Wallonia is not short of challenges, but there are many sectors in which the region excels: IT, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, etc.

Today, one in three Walloons say they are proud to be Walloon. But to restore our region’s grandeur and pride, it is important to make strong commitments.

What does moving forward mean for CBC ?

The Walloon bank intends to pursue its commitments, in particular by investing more than 90% of Walloon residents’ savings in the local economy and by offering a special service to businesses to help them make the ecological transition. It also intends to support young entrepreneurs as much as possible. After all, there are unicorns in the south of the country too, as CBC claims in its TV commercial.

Getting ahead also means benefiting from a bank at the cutting edge of technology, a high-performance CBC mobile application and the expertise of real bankers.


Arnaud Bailly, Creative Director & Managing Partner at Air:

“For me, this film is a true reflection of Wallonia. There have been good times and bad. But today we’ve decided to see the glass as half full, beyond the clichés peddled by the populists. Because when you take a closer look, there are a lot of very positive things happening in Wallonia. It’s time to say it loud and clear, and to encourage all those who, like everyone at CBC, have decided to move in the right direction. By the way, all the bankers in the picture are real CBC employees. 😊"


Michelle Defooz, Strategic Director at Air:

“It’s very difficult to stand out in today’s banking landscape. But CBC is undeniably the bank for Walloons with ambition. Thanks to all the innovative tools of the KBC Group, its customers benefit from a bank at the cutting edge of innovation and banking advisors who share the same reality because of their history or their expertise in different sectors”.


Sandra Circhirillo, Head of Marketing & Communications at CBC:

“The main challenge for us was to reposition our brand through an ambitious and meaningful awareness campaign that reaffirms the strengths of CBC, a challenger in Wallonia, but part of a strong and credible international group. ​ We hadn’t run a campaign like this for almost 10 years, so the stakes were high... The initial feedback has been positive, and I’m looking forward to assessing its impact over the longer term...”.



Client : CBC Banque & Assurance ​ 

Contacts : Sandra Circhirillo, Valérie Stoupy 

Agency : Air ​ ​ 

Creative Director : Creative Council

Creatives : Arnaud Bailly, Edouard Coune, Bruno Giunta, Marie Paris 

Strategic Director : Michelle Defooz ​ ​ ​ 

Client Manager : Pauline Heraly, Julie Demoulin, Eva Closset ​ 

Craft Producer : Bérengère Lurquin ​ ​ ​ 

Film Production : Lovo ​ 

Director : Dozen - ​ Benoit Do Quang & Pablo Crutzen 

Photography Production : Crush 

Photographer : Louis Vielle, Victor Pattyn

Media : Mindshare ​


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