Air and CAP 48 don’t care.

Air and CAP 48 don’t care.

How did it happen? It doesn’t matter.

CAP48 is an organisation that strives for the inclusion in society of people with a disability. By means of fundraising and project work, but also through awareness campaigns.


“80% of all disabilities are the result of an accident”, says Renaud Tockert, general director of CAP48. “At that moment, a dramatic physical and mental change takes place. On top of that, we note that from that moment on, people are being reduced to their disability. Because of the way people look at them in the street, because of inadequate infrastructure, because of jobs they don’t get … and because of a question they have to answer every day: How did it happen?”


At first sight, this seems to be an innocent question. But this question always confronts people with their past, with the accident. “In fact, I don’t really mind this question”, says Yves Krauth, who is in a wheelchair since 9 years. “But the thing is, we’re much more than this one story about our accident. The real stories are about what we’re doing now and what we’re going to do in the future. In fact, it doesn’t really matter how I got in this wheelchair.”


That’s why CAP48 decided to tell the story about Yves’ accident and how he got in the wheelchair – or rather, the stories.


“On 31 August, Yves will tell 50 different stories about the possible cause of his disability”, says Bart Gielen, CD at Air. “Via television, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – every possible channel – you get a different story about “how it happened”. One time, Yves fell off his horse, another time his disability is the result of a badly executed Heimlich manoeuvre. Each time, the same message comes at the end: How it happened is not important. How we react to it certainly is.​


On the first day of the campaign, the message is widely spread through a very broad media mix. During the 2 following campaign weeks, we reinforce this message by telling new stories every day.


“An enormous production challenge, but thanks to Bounce Rocks and Sonhouse, we can work in a very agile way. After seeing this campaign, we hope people will ask themselves the real question: what can I do to make sure disabled people are really being part of society? Something that is true for all people with a disability, innate or not”, Bart Gielen concludes.


Agency: Air

Client: Arnaud Tocket, Bénédicte Duval, Aurélie Englebert

ECD: Eric Hollander

CD: Bart Gielen

Creatives: Ruben Van Maldeghem, Yannick De Haes, Dries Floridor, Jonas Marysse, Yves Krauth

Strategy: Dieter Riemaeker/Max Van Santen

Connection plan: Max Van Santen

Account: Julie Demoulin

Design: Yannick De Haes, Ruben Van Maldeghem, Dries Floridor, Jonas Marysse

Director/Photographer: Pieter Neirynck

Production Company: Bounce Rocks

Producer: Marlies Neudt

Sound: Sonhouse

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