Air & Payconiq by Bancontact keep it cool.

Air unveils its very first campaign for the 100% Belgian mobile payment application, Payconiq by Bancontact. On the agenda: a new strategy, a new brand story, a new identity, and a very cool first campaign.

Lotta de Meulenaere, Chief Marketing Officer at Bancontact Payconiq Company:

« As pioneers of mobile payment in Belgium, in recent years we have introduced the brand by focusing on the application's features in an educational manner. Today, we believe the brand is mature enough to emphasize more on our core mission: developing seamless payment solutions that don't disrupt enjoyable moments. » 


It all starts with a simple principle: our lives are filled with incredible moments. Romantic dates, dinners with friends, birthday parties, ...

Cool moments that can quickly become less cool when it comes time to pay the bill.


You make an online purchase, but you have to fill out a million payment details. – Not cool.

You want to pay for fries with friends, but you realize you forgot your wallet. – Not cool.


Fortunately, Payconiq by Bancontact offers all the payment solutions to keep cool moments cool by paying... cool.

But what exactly is cool? Cool, it's been a trendy word since the 1930s, and it's defined in two ways: Either it's cool, or it's not cool.


A completely subjective word but one that everyone agrees on certain things in life. Like: why putting our hands in our pockets instantly makes us cooler? A first existential question that Payconiq by Bancontact will try to answer.

It's true, why does burying our hands in our pockets instantly increase the level of coolness? And what if it's because deep in our pockets hides our best asset, ready to facilitate our daily payments... the Payconiq by Bancontact app. Obviously.

From the dad sending money to his child, to an online impulse purchase, to the small pleasure in-store, to creating a fund for a friend's birthday, to treating friends to fries, Payconiq by Bancontact stands out as the ideal payment method to simplify all life's moments with just a beep beep beep. And that's really cool.


Michelle Defooz, Strategic Director at Air:

« The challenge for Payconiq by Bancontact was to build a strategy that could move at two speeds in a country where, in terms of mobile payment, things are progressing differently. In Flanders, the app is very well established. It's no longer about explaining the product's benefit but rather focusing on the brand image of Payconiq by Bancontact to differentiate it from current and future competitors. In Wallonia, the app is not yet a given in consumer behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to highlight the product's advantages even more. » 


Arnaud Bailly, Creative Director and Managing Partner:

« To create a campaign that works as well in the North as in the South of the country, with different objectives, it's the same mechanics as for an international campaign but with an added Belgian touch. A mechanic that we are already implementing for other clients like Stokke, Pierre Marcolini, or Chouffe. The idea here was to create a brand campaign that could adapt to each context based on different needs, and above all, staying cool, no matter the format.
And yes, 15 seconds is the new cool 😊 » 


Directed by Guy de la Palme, the campaign unfolds on television through a 30-second spot, as well as five 15-second films, all as cool as each other.

The brand universe has also been redesigned. The photographic and visual universe evolves with the appearance of our own emoji language. About thirty stickers specially developed for Payconiq by Bancontact come to life to complement the brand's visual universe.

In short, all this promises a very cool future for Payconiq by Bancontact.



Client : Bancontact Payconiq Company 

Client contact : Lotta de Meulenaere, Anouck Deschilder 

Agency : Air ​ 

Creative Director : Creative Council

Creatives : Arnaud Bailly, Julian Lesceux, Anouk Lemm 

Strategic Director : Michelle Defooz ​ ​ 

Client Manager: Georgia Vandenberghen 

Graphic & Motion Design : Boris Delire 

Craft Producer: Bérengère Lurquin ​ ​ 

Réalisation : CAVIAR 

Director : Guy de la Palme 

Post-Production 3D : De Kwekerij 

Sound design : Poum Tchak 

Media : Space


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